Phyllis and Tracy Meet Goat Hill December

Phyllis and Tracy Study The Delaware River from Goat Hill Trail Below Lambertville

Long ago, working at American Re-Insurance, I made two friends who remain my hiking buddies to this day – Phyllis Horner and Tracy Turner.  Every couple of months, we’re out and about in nature, either before or after a memorable meal, exploring together.  On this Valentine’s Day, the Day of the Heart, I am grateful for all my friends — especially these two, who go back to 1997.  And grateful for the health which each of us has won, despite enormous challenges, in recent years —  health that grants us continuing access to remarkable natural beauty!

Delaware River Stillness Goat Hill December

Delaware River, Mirror Still, Looking Toward New Hope and Bucks County

Trees Most Beautiful Without Leaves

December Drama, Crest of Goat Hill


Rocky Promontory Goat Hill December

Rocky Promontory from Goat Hill Preserve – from which George Washington Planned Battles of Trenton


Teens on Promontory Goat Hill December

Teens on Rocky Promontory, Looking Toward Bucks County — note sleeveless garb in December


Smiling Basalt on Goat Hill

Great Stone Face — When Basalt Grins — Goat Hill Crest


Phyllis and the Rock God of Goat Hill

Phyllis Challenges the Great Stone Face


Tracy on Goat Hill December

Tracy on the Rocks, Goat Hill


Heat Haze Goat Hill December

Tracy’s View from the Rocks


Left Behind Goat Hill December

Left-Behind Birthday Present, Goat Hill Crest

This was actually my Birthday Hike, but our fellowship and the setting were my gifts.  This vivid sack, which was full, is not my birthday present.


Wood Gatherers Goat Hill December

This Felt Left Behind by Natives of this Site — Lenni Lenapes of Long Ago…


Beauty, Human and Wild, Goat Hill December

Beauty, Human and Wild, on Goat Hill

Realize that this idyllic spot would not be there for us to hike so easily (and I wonder what it looked like to George Washington, to General Cornwallis, in the 1700’s), were it not for prservationists, conservationists, ecologists, who joined together to preserve this historic site.  D&R Greenway, where I work, is part of that preservation miracle.

Take the road to Howell Living History Farm, off 29 below Lambertville.  Turn left onto Goat Hill Road and wind through dense forest with intriguing houses full of character, tucked into the wilderness.  Turn left on Washington Road, which had no name in his day.  Park on the left and hike to majestic views, in absolute tranquillity

You can tell that I cannot tell what season this is — and that, of course, is fallout of catastrophic climate change.  This was December 12, 2015!

Not many days after Thanksgiving, actually — and this flock of eight turkeys strolled through Tracy’s yard as I took her back home, here in “Society Hill” (Society of Friends – ancient land), Lawrenceville.

There is nothing better than fellowship, wild nature, and my beloved Delaware River!

Turkeys in Tracy's Yard Society Hill December

Wild Turkeys in my neighbor, Tracy’s, yard, Back Here in Lawrenceville – there were 8 of them


  1. DEAR Janet, that is EXACTLY what I want to do, take everyone I love with me, each time, but not all at once!

    Sipping St. Germain on ice in a Waterford snifter, which we’ve used together, ‘for medicinal purposes only’ Indeed, vile cough has gone into hiding for duration of creating the new post. I’m just so happy to feel good enough to do one again. I’m bringing the St. Germain on our Hyde Park journey. New photo ops! and of course, new treasures in fellowship! Smiles me

  2. As always, I enjoyed your post. The great stone face is quite wonderful and wild turkeys always make me smile. Eric’s fever is up again. This is worrisome. love, Penelope

  3. Thank you so much, Penelope. You’d love this hike, though not long enough, of course. Hope you saws that film by the man who raised turkeys, and practically became one of them. I learned a great deal about these animals I almost never see – and gained a great deal of respect. They are quite dignified, very connected familialy, and yes, somehow also smile-bringers. Eric’s fever is NOT. Has he been to a doctor? Worrisome, indeed!. Valentine’s Day is supposed to have to do with other sorts of fevers. Smiles and good wishes — me

  4. Angela, thank you for your connection, always. I know this is a favorite spot of yours. When I finally get over this weeks-long violent cogth/laryngitis, let’s meet and share Goat Hill. WE could have a superb breakfast at the Boro Bean in Hopewell, then sally forth. You brighten this very gloomy so-called Holiday! c

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