Sleeping Fox  Island Beach April 2016

“To Sleep, Perchance to Dream” — Sleeping Fox Among the Beach Plums

For some reason, my poetry Muse has returned lately.

I could well credit my recent reading of Rilke, whose previously unpublished works I ‘devoured’ in April, so-called Poetry Month.  As if one can consign an art or a race to a month!

Here is one of the new collection, some of which you know because you saw this image not too long ago in NJWILDBEAUTY.

Do remember that we would not have WILD BEAUTY in NJ without serious, steady, even increasing preservation of open land.

And enjoy this glimpse into the Carolyn who was poet first and foremost, before preservation took center stage.




something about the beach plums

–past their prime

though today is merely May


something about their branches

–looking seared


I want to find this meagreness of blossoms

proof of early pollination


a few short weeks ago

beneath these beach plums

I came upon the slumb’ring fox


in full daylight

such peacefulness of wild

in the wild


sleek chin

upon elegant

black paws


I envied that fox

its trust

finding shelter

deep in plum twigs

not yet blossom-shrouded


and now, so soon

all blooms felled


no shelter for wingèd

nor four-leggèd


should I return in autumn

would absences

have been transformed

to fruit?



May, 2016






6 thoughts on “NEW POEM: BEACH PLUMS

  1. I really like your new beach plum / fox poem! Re: thinking about you returning in the fall to see the berries, it made me think of beach plum jam. Have you had beach plum jam or jelly in recent years? It’s been so long since I’ve had it, I can’t remember what it tastes like. I seem to remember beach plums in northern Michigan.

    • Thank you, Honey, I’m glad the fox resonates with you. Beach plum jam is typical of Cape Cod, and we all brought some home with us in October. But, even that recently, I cannot describe the flavor. I think the idea matters more to me than the reality. But I do know, beach plums are foxes’ favorite food. I don’t know if beach plums grow on freshwater beaches. Love and light c

  2. Ray, thank you so very much for commenting! We guess that our fox was sleeping because afflicted with mange, but seeing the wild in the wild remains a splendid gift. Your returning ospreys are thrilling – mosaics on the wing… blessings c

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