Authentic Chatham at Fish Pier

Authentic Chatham, Massachusetts – At the Fish Pier, Looking Out to Sea

When I was a child, my nickname was “Sunshine”.  I have always needed a great deal of sun and light and fire, –partly because of my Sagittarius birth sign.

Strange Encounters Chatham Fish Pier

Gull and Seal in Chatham Sun

I feel like starting this blog post with a strict dull dictionary definition of “sun”, because I have so little experience of it any more.

Fair Weather and Foul at Chatham Light

Elusive Sun, Chatham, Mass., Chatham Light

Webster’s Unabridged, of course:  “The star that is the central body of the solar system.”

Well, that doesn’t do it for me: does it for you?

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Reflections Black and Grey

Sun Caught in Water, Provincetown’s MacMillan Wharf

“Sun” – that flat round disk formerly to be discovered in daytime sky (day – between dawn and dusk), sky formerly blue.  That spill of gold upon a carpet or a table, warming twice — in the sky, where it belongs; and as it reflects off indoor surfaces.  And always, always warming my heart.

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Reflections Red Boat

Proud Reflections, MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown

Except there isn’t any sun any more.  Nor blue sky.

Danger Rough Chatham

Danger, Rough, Chatham, Mass.

Just some grey-white substance all over what used to be sky — clots that remind me of the inside of my mother’s Electrolux bag.

Tethered Tower  Chatham Scenes 002

Tethered Tower, Chatham, Mass.

I know what’s happened to sun.  It’s called fossil fuel / emissions / catastrophic climate change / disaster / the Antrhopocene.

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Reflections Green and Grey

Tangled Tower, Provincetown

My antidote to sun-deprivation is memory.

Chatham Pier Fish Market Sign

Chatham Pier Fish Market

Here’s to Cape Cod at Hallowe’en, when sunlight spilled everywhere, from dunes to shells to whales and seals to fish in the sea and in a splendid market and all along weathered clapboard shingles.

Typical Chatham Cottage

Typical Chatham Cottage


Warming both heart and my soul.  May these scenes warm YOURS.

Perry's Pride Chatham Fish Pier

Perry’s Pride, Chatham Fish Pier


Sharks to Market Chatham Fish Pier

Heart of the Matter at Chatham Pier

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Then and Now

Harbormaster, with Sun Glint, Provincetown

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Rowing Home

Provincetown, Rowing Home


12 thoughts on “REMEMBERING SUNSHINE: Cape Cod Glimpses

    • Faith, thank you for wishing me outdoors — but this grim spring has kept me busy cancelling kayaking and hiking and birding right and left. Today, of course, in delightful sun, I am tethered anew. I think of you, though, realizing that at least you are cool and comfortable, in a month not known for this effect upon you. Tomorrow is our Climate Change night with Green Hour, Zwicker, etc., here at D&R Greenway. We are very nearly oversubscribed. Perhaps the populace is awakening? Best, always, and thanks for comment. c

    • Penelope, thank you for commenting, always. Means everything. Reflections may well be my favorite, period. On another grim grey drear blear day, I realize, even in the Cape Cod skies and scenes, there was not that much sun. I cannot help gut wonder what all this cloud cover is doing to solar panel processes, let alone spirits… c

  1. Angela, yes, thank you for loyal connection, always. I’m supposed to be able to find the beauty in everything, but grim grey blearness is testing that ability to the max. My only ‘sun’ are ‘chips’ of that absent entity – hungry goldfinches waltzing around my feeder. Blessings, c

  2. Love looking at your evocative summer pictures. Maine has some similarities, others are so different from mine. Soon, the sun will shine and it will be warmer than we want it to be.

    • Tasha, it is an honor to have my snapshots celebrated by one whose work with the lens ‘pret’ nearly’ always leaves me speechless with awe. I didn’t consciously follow in your lens-steps with the reflections. However, It occurs to me, the love of the world seen in water is strong in both of us, and may have been the initial bridge to our friendship. Blessings always. c

  3. Carolyn, the “Tethered Tower” photo is very shocking. It is a stark reminder of the damages fossil fuels cause to our planet and should be a spur to climate change deniers, or at least ammunition in the hands of believers. This photo is worthy of greater circulation. I hope you can make that happen. Mary

  4. Mary, thank you so much for getting the POINT of TETHERED TOWER… Beautiful downtown Chatham, profaned to that degree! And it’s nothing compared to Canal Road and River Road near our sacred canal, wires thicker than a lumberjack’s forearm twining in all directions. I feel them around my throat as I drive near where I used to live — I feel tethered. WE are tethered. Tomorrow is our Climate Change night at D&R Greenway – “The Future of Energy in our Region” — it is near capacity. So the concern is there. Is the COURAGE? blessings c

  5. Carolyn, since I am newly arrived in NJ on May 1st from the “Sunshine State” you absolutely know that I feel your pain! Your photo of “Tangled Tower” however has captivated my imagination and has taken my mind in directions other than the golden orb. Thanks for that!


  6. Deb, I am intrigued that my readers are getting the connection between our anthropo-fouled weather and Chatham’s venerable church tower, almost entirely obscured by wires. Thank you to all who mention it, and all who sense it. Now take action steps, including letters to editors and legislators, to counter climate change now! Blessings and gratitudes, c

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