Our miracle trip has come and gone.  But the keeper of NJWILDBEAUTY discovers, “My heart’s in the high desert.”

Mountain from Patio

Mountains from Back Patio, Taos

Day is Done...

Last Light on Our Adobe Home, Red Truck, and Mountains


Contemplation: Jeanette Hooban, Janet Black on Back Patio at Sundown

Porch Pillar

Quality Craftsmanship of our Taos Home

Gold Sought by Spain

Gold Fruitlessly Sought by Spain

Front Hall with Umbrella Taos

Art Pottery and 21st-Century Umbrella

Kitchen Window View

Kitchen Window View – a Sea of Sagebrush

Part of Pot Collection

One Part of Ancient Pottery Collection

Sea of Sage and Statue

Sea of Sage and Mysterious Statue

Mountain Reflections from Patio-Porch

Reflection in Jeanette’s Window, from Back Patio

Last Light

Last Light — Lowering Sun This Intense



The Old and The New

The Old and the New — in Indian Country

Classic Car Taos Driveway

The Old, as in Classic Cadillac — Note Rio-Grande-Washed Gravel — yes, EVEN the GRAVEL was beautiful!

Taos Morn

Neighbor Walking His Dog past Corn Maiden Statue in our Driveway

The Neighborhood at Nightfall

Our Neighborhood at Sundown

Taos Farewell

Taos Farewell Drive

14 thoughts on “INTREPIDS ~ AT HOME IN TAOS

  1. I thought of you while you were gone and hoped you were having a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing more about it. This is my favorite landscape, my heart’s always in the southwest.

    • Faith, thank you so much for answering already. I am really askew — as when I first sailed to Europe on the France and it took me a week to regain my ‘land legs’. All this greenery looks so odd, and the changelessness is almost unbearable. I know your heart’s in the West, and now I re-know why! gratefully, c

  2. Brenda, thank you so very much! YOUR praise, being such a superb fine art photographer, takes my breath away, as did the beauty I tried to capture any way I could. Profound thanks. The Southwest surpasses words. Blessings, c

  3. Ray, thank you so much for responding already. These are must moments of perfection of light, beauty and drama, surrounding us everywhere we went, indoors and out, on foot and in car. I’m speechless with what we were given, almost unable to speak of it, and not able to write of it. Your magnificent loons and that puffin helped ground me back here where I live. There aren’t a lot of puffins in New Mexico… Blessings, c

    • Linda, thank you so much for responding. You know that light from your long-ago journey with Marilyn W. It’s light that strong that Franklin and I pour along and around you, m’dear! Blessings. I am NOT back yet — I need that luminosity and timelessness enormously! Love and light, c

  4. Pat, thank you so very much, busy as you are now, for taking the time to respond. Many of these images did not need ‘balancing’, that’s how beautiful Santa Fe (to be shown) and Taos are. Timelessness Central. I am NOT back… smiles c

  5. Yes, Taos is beautiful. I used to want to live there but two visits of six weeks each changed my mind.

    love, p.

  6. Yes, Penelope, the beauties are spectacular, but life itself seems harsh. Still, we would return to ‘our’ home – part museum, part church — Jeanette says she’d like to go there for a week ‘on retreat’. I hope you can feel the tranquility of our dwelling ‘midst the mountains — which weren’t only purple, but also lavender, mauve, Prussian blue, navy, charcoal blue, and so forth! Thanks for commenting, always. It’s not a blog til I hear from YOU! c

  7. > Thank you Carolyn for these beautiful images that have brought back my own vivid memories. Taos and the high desert of northern NM and southern CO is magical. You have captured it here!


  8. Catherine! what a treat to hear from you. I’m so glad you resonate to Taos. That the images seem to bring back your own memories – my intention, exactly. I will have more, as well as the Streets of Santa Fe shortly. France came first, however. In my life, always first, though not usually for reasons of tragedy. Wondering how you are, where you are? Any chance of a walk on one of my off-Fridays? HOPING. Thanks for commenting. c

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