Georgia O’Keeffe’s Abiquiu Home and Studio

Come with us, far from politics and disasters and overweening technology — back to timeless New Mexico, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Abiquiu refuge.  She carried this ‘rack’ of antlers home from a desert walk.  Devoted helpers mounted it.  No more appropriate welcome to her home and studio exists than the abstract simplicity of this doorway, and its iconic crest.

Georgia Door

Georgia’s Door, Home and Studio, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Georgia's Favorite Tree

Georgia’s Favorite Tree

Georgia's Ladder to the Sky  Abiquiu

Essential Ladders to Tend Adobe Rooftops

Barbara, Guide to O'Keeffe Home and Garden

Magnificent Guide, Barbara, and Georgia’s Garden, being restored by local students

Georgia's original trees, restored garden

Georgia’s Original Trees and Restored Garden, flood-irrigated once each week

Georgia Stones

Georgia’s River-Washed Stone Collection – Rio Grande Not Far

Georgia Sculpture

Early Georgia O’Keeffe Sculpture

Georgia's Abiquiu View of her mountain  Pedernal

Georgia’s View of “Her” Mountain – Pedernal – Where Her Ashes Rest

Georgia's Abiquiu Road

Georgia’s Winding Abiquiu Road

Barbara Guide and O'Keeffe's Road and Abstraction

Barbara Showing Us Georgia’s Extreme Abstraction of Her Abiquiu Road

Sheep below O'Keeffe Home

Sheep Below Georgia’s Bedroom and Studio

Adobe Perfection  Georgia's Window Abiquiu

Georgia’s Iconic Doorway – Catalyst for Countless Southwest Abstractions

Georgia's Outdoor Stones Abiquiu

Georgia’s Outdoor Stones as SHE Arranged Them

Georgia's Restored Garden with Marigolds

Georgia’s Irrigated Restored Garden, flowers and foods, with marigolds for pest control

Farewell View of Pedernal from Abiquiu O'Keeffe Home

Farewell View, Around the Corner from Georgia’s Studio and Austere Bedroom

Abiquiu Gateway to the High Desert

Garden Gateway, Abiquiu Inn — Where You Lunch and Catch Bus for Scheduled Visit to Georgia O’Keeffe’s Home & Studio

Abiquiu Inn Cottonwood Trees

Abiquiu Inn Cottonwoods, and the Cotton Bits Were Floating Like Snow

Abiquiu Inn Gateway

Abiquiu Inn Farewell

Abiquiu Inn Acequia

Abiquiu Inn Acequia — Carrying Scarce and Precious Water from the Rio Grande

6 thoughts on “Georgia O’Keeffe’s Abiquiu Home and Studio

  1. Penelope, I am thrilled that you share this pilgrimage (during your writing residence in Taos), with Jeanette, Janet and me. Of course, you are an Intrepid — the Original Intrepid, come to think of it! Thank you to you and Eric for countless courageous expeditions when you lived nearby, and treasured ones in Oregon. Blessings, c

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the images! Loved it!

    *Regards,Joy* *: Contemporary art expressing the poetry in landscape* facebook: JoyKrevesArtStudio VIDA Collection* – changing the world through commerce*

  3. Joy, thanks for commenting. I think there is no one’s home, visiting which matters more to me on the spot and ever since, than Georgia’s. Possibly Eleanor’s Val Kill — where friends and I return almost yearly — but Abiquiu ‘knocked our socks off’ and leaves us reverberant. Love and light, c

    • I really appreciate your commenting. Georgia, somehow, the Intrepids have taken into our beings. We are enlarged by having been there. And our sense of time and of urgencies is altered for the better. Georgia really had her priorities straight! Reading her biographies has been a rich pleasure, as well. But standing where she worked, seeing what she saw — we are still in awe. Gratefully, Carolyn

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