SOLSTICE RITUALS: Poem in “Cool Women,” Volume II


Alert Fox, by Fine Art Photographer, Brenda Jones



the fox began it

that long-legged adolescent

who appeared to my song

in the time of beach plums

and first frosts


but now it is snowing

and the ruddy one

curves – half cat, half pup –

about my calves to tug me

to the cave


its floor’s fur-lined

warmth like flames

reflecting on his pelt,

those snappy eyes,

the glistening nose


his long lush tail

curls across my eyes

as I recline

to puzzle at the rustle

of arrival


I kneel, then sit back on my heels

to face you as the gods

have always planned

the fox twines ’round your hips

stares with sweet command

into my startled gaze




January 2000

Cool Women, Volume II


Fox Gaze by Brenda Jones, Fine Art Photographer

6 thoughts on “SOLSTICE RITUALS: Poem in “Cool Women,” Volume II

  1. Well, yes and no, Penelope. Because humans insist on feeding the foxes of Island Beach junk food, such as they, themselves, consume, the immune systems of the vulpine population of IB are being destroyed. Add the microbes of mange, which thrive in non-freezing winters (required are five successive nights below ZERO, not just below freezing) — and you have a population fading, limping, out in the daytime, begging instead of hunting, becoming increasingly crippled, and dying. You don’t want to see the foxes of IB now. When I met ‘my’ fox, with Darlene, in the autumn of 1999 or 2000, he was vibrant, healthy, monaarchical, and belonged in that space and we did not. But he honored us with his presence. If Darl hadn’t had an appointment back north – forbidden ever since to anyone who goes to IB with me — that fox, our fox, who came to our song, would’ve climbed right into my lap. I regret missing that opportunity to this very day! c

    • Lisa, grateful for this new connection. See the tragedy of too many foxes in the 21st Century, ill-fed by ill-fed humans… and paying an horrific price. To me, they are so luminous, tiny but alive with power and skill. So grateful for their presence. And your comment. c

  2. Our beautiful fox of years ago. Thank you for shining a bright light, and bringing attention to mange. It has been so very sad to watch this year. Hopefully the new $1,500.00 fine signs in IBSP will stop people from feeding them crackers, granola bars, pasta, etc. They indeed need lots of protein and the ability to hunt for the proper protein on their own. A strong immune system helps them to fight the mites. Mange causes a painful and ugly death. Thank you again.

  3. Angela, there is talk of I.B.’s sending their foxes for mange treatment soon and not too far away… It can be done, if there is the will. Can you find out anything about that when you’re down there with the Powers That Be… Thank YOU for underlining the tragedies WE HUMANS are visiting upon the wild ones of Island Beach. blessings c

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