I am lucky to have friends who are willing to go on quests with me.  NJWILDBEAUTY readers know that most of our pilgrimages have to do with nature in general and birds in particular.  Others require history.  Many involve food.  This is a jaunt with superb poet Betty Lies, friend-of-long-standing and co-founder of Princeton’s Cool Women Poets.  We needed Christmas one year, and Bordentown unexpectedly provided it, ‘in spades’   Saunter with us…  through this town of great significance, always too little appreciated in our time!

Little Engine That Could Bordentown 09

The Caboose was always my favorite part of real trains.  There was frequently a trainman in that car who waved to me, as though he’d been waiting all day for that very moment…

Trains had a great deal to do with childhood Christmas in Michigan.  One year, Santa brought me an intricate Lionel train set, even though there were only daughters in our family.  Each year after that, it circled and tooted merrily under the tree.  I had forgotten that…  regret that we did not weave that in as I raised my own daughters.

All Aboard Bordentown 09


Joys of Bordentown 09

In Bordentown, it’s as though the village itself is wrapped for the Holiday.

Bon Appetit Farnsworth House Bordentown

Our Favorite Place to Eat — Old-World and Leisurely


Bordentown Facade 09

In Bordentown, Always Look Up — The Past is Waiting


Beauty of Emptiness Tree Shadows Bordentown 09

Beauty of Emptiness, Bordentown Streetcorner


Jester's Cafe Bordentown 09

Jester’s — Home of the Hearty Welcome

Bordentown Mural wide viewHistoric Mural of Strategic Bordentown – site of lost Revolutionary Battle, Thomas Paine’s only bought property, superbly venerable Quaker Meeting House, home of America’s first sculptress, Clara Barton’s schoolhouse, and both Joseph and Charles Lucien Bonaparte – sent to Point Breeze for its magnificent ‘aspect’ over the Delaware, by Napoleon himself.


Borden's Towne



Bordentown Historical SocietyLIVING HISTORY


Baubles of YesteryearBAUBLES OF YESTERYEAR


Clara Barton's first schoolCLARA BARTON’S FIRST SCHOOL


Frances and Joseph Hopkinson HouseFRANCIS AND JOSEPH HOPKINSON HOUSE:

“Revolutionary Patriot, Signer, Member of Congress, Scientist, Artist, Scholar, Statesman, ‘Hail Columbia’,” etc.: LIVING HISTORY

IMG_1273SITE OF THE RIVER LINE TRAIN – FREE BEAUTIFUL RIVERSIDE PARKING FOR ALL-DAY JAUNTS – through Marsh to Trenton or down to Roebling, Burlington, Riverton, Riverside, Camden and even Walt Whitman House and Aquarium…

Bordentown Peach Mousse IrisAnd, Most Ethereal of All Bordentown’s Gifts: Mother’s Day Festival of the Most Exquisite Iris Ever Anywhere!

7 thoughts on “BORDENTOWN CHRISTMAS: Gifts Beyond Measure!

  1. I remember when we went to Bordentown together—it’s a little treasure.

    Eric is away on business and I have to talk with him about your tires. How much are you thinking they would cost?

    Love, Penelope

    • Penelope, thank you for considering it I know they will cost roughly $200 apiece, and I have asked a handful of Dear Ones to assist — anything that feels right to you would be a miracle for me! One raise of $5 in 12 years leaves me in dire straits for anything major. deep gratitude in advance and always love c Carolyn Foote Edelmann

      Let us remember: this is the Season of the Return of the Light ~ each of us a Light-Bearer

    • amazing shots of birds around the world — but we have the most spectacular in our own garden state   everybody , drop EVERYTHING and get to the Brig while those snowy owls are still there     two Friday aft (females, one near 2nd tower with Atlantic City in background; other at virtually same point on other dike road, about 2/3  of the way toward Jenn’s Trail.  Each as far over on the grass as possible with as much water as possible behind her)      stirring   stunning  subtly majestic   serene   balanced   SO where they belonged!   reason to rejoice for every inch of preserved space anywhere, especially in our NJ   after Pinelands Short Course classes all day, zipped back to Brig and watched copper cauldron sun drop behind row of trees – turning all impoundments corallline     peppered with snow geese settling for the night and murmuring/singing to one another   THREE snowies that evening – same two more or less settings — and a male and o MY we saw him fly – first time I’ve ever seen a snowy do anything but blink or turn its head       heaven on earth   Friday night Oyster Creek Inn simple seafood exactly what was needed — fine Delaware Bay oysters to start and seafood pie for Kelly Taylor and me, broiled flounder for Jeanette   what fellowship — not only the three of us, but also the others, rapt in the presence of those snowy owls as though they were deities   maybe they are   c   Carolyn Foote Edelmann Lawrenceville, New Jersey   “If you would get exercise, go in search of the springs of life.”  Henry David Thoreau   PRETTY GOOD SNOWY PHOTO IN THE SITE FROM SUSAN!

  2. Thank you DEAR Angela, for your loyalty and connection always! Yes, your delicate but powerfully effective plover presides at work, delighting me and reminding me why I do what I do despite this ridiculous number that 11/28 has hung around my neck. That plover carries on despite seemingly insuperable obstacles. And I will, too. You and Bob should give yourself a Bordentown Day — you wouldn’t think a town could be a Holiday all by itself, but it is. Its glow is not tarnished by the mercantile. The history is palpable. Thank you for caring about that birthday. I’ve decided to live backwards like Merlin. smiles me

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