I like to watch old farms wake up

ground fog furling within the turned furrows

as dew-drenched tendrils of some new crop

lift toward dawn


three solid horses bumble

along the split-rail fence

one rusting tractor pulsing

at the field’s hem


just over the horizon

the invisible ocean

paints white wisps

all along the Pinelands’

blank blue canvas

as gulls intensely circle

this tractor driver’s

frayed straw hat


from rotund ex-school buses

workers spill

long green rows suddenly peppered

by their vivid headgear

as they bend and bend again

to sever Jersey’s bright asparagus


some of which I’ll buy

just up ahead

at the unattended farm stand

slipping folded dollars

into the ‘Honor Box’


before driving so reluctantly

away from this region called ‘Barren’

where people and harvests

still move to seasons and tides




May 30, 2005/July 19, 2006

10 thoughts on “WHY I RUN AWAY TO ‘THE PINES’

    • Pat, I am just delighted that you are moved by my memories of Pine Barrens jaunts. If you want to go there with me, just tell me what weekend day you might be able to get away. It does take the entire day – leaving at 7:30 and getting home before dark. But is so worth it! Blessings, c

  1. Angela, it really matters that you are out there, over there, down there, in one of my major havens, having your own adventures, and sharing them with others. Your responses assure me that this blogging occupation is not wasted. My hope always is that all readers will then take themselves to nature, as you do daily! Blessings and gratitudes c

    • Dear Carolyn,
      Your words paint an exquisite and perfect image of a unique place and moment in time that will never be forgotten. Thank you for enriching the world! Warm Holiday Wishes,

      • Angela, those snowies of today are absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!! Sent to Jeanette and Bill – we want to come down and ‘Snowy’ with you and Ray on a January weekend – (not 26th one) — maybe it would work best if we breakfasted at home and met the two (well, three, Bob!) of you at the check-in booth, then snowied together so long as we can stand it, then feast at Crab’s Claw on oysters and whatever is ‘running’ mid-afternoon. I have to dash out now, will write of this to both of you. Jeanette and Bill will confirm available dates tomorrow. Thank you for miracles, always! c

  2. Penelope, thank you for you heartful and poteic response — wish you and Eric were here so I could trundle the two of you along these sand-dusted, evergreen-crowned lanes to various forms of beauty, wildlife, and always solitude… smiles c

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