Advantage of Taking a Wrong Turn — Poem on Cape May and Wildwoods

Willet (Tringa semipalmata) Bird, Morro Strand State Beach, MorrWhat about the rest of you, NJWILDBEAUTY readers???  I am really feeling a horse-in-a spring-barn restlessness, day after gelid day

it’s intriguing going back over poems of other years when I cannot really go anywhere.  Tomorrow’s beach walk at Bay Head has been indefinitely postponed.  Here’s a Cape May situation where lemonade gradually emerged out of the lemon of taking a wrong turn



if you make the wrong turn

leaving Cape May, as I

have, you may find yourself


on a series

of delicate bridges

arching high over clam boats


alongside fish factories

where sinuous cormorants

stretch and preen upon dark pilings


the pewter-hued roadway

stitches hillocks to tussocks

carrying you through new marshlands

where shorebirds strut

and willets cry their own sharp name


road like a rainbow

heads you now toward

the Wildwoods

where all the woods

are gone, of course


but there remain other

definitions of Wild

and Stone Harbor rookeries



you may find in your lostness

that radiant marshes

are where you’d really

been heading out

all the while







“Let there be light…”  



6 thoughts on “Advantage of Taking a Wrong Turn — Poem on Cape May and Wildwoods

    • Of course, you do get lost on purpose, Penelope. I would say that facet is a major aspect of our friendship over the years, together or apart. I could divide friends in to on-purpose-lost to almost terrified-of-lost. Then there are some who are lost in their own driveways… Here’s to adventures, intentional and otherwise, always! smiles and thank you for commenting! c

  1. Love your poems Carolyn. Thank you for sharing. Exploring can bring many wondrous surprises. I may have to bundle up today – this waiting for temperatures to rise above potential frostbite degrees is rough for sure! Hang in there my friend.

  2. We are both ‘hanging in there,’ dear Angela — contending with wild temperatures and possibly wilder winds, yet trying to gather beauty for our Internet friends. So grateful for you. Jeanette and I were going to hike the Bay Head beach today, when the temperature was to have been mid-twenties. That seems a Materhorn away from the ten below figure in my s tormdoor thermometer at 6. These temperatures constitute storms. Please be careful – as I learned skiing Oblivion at Watervillw in weather like this, frostbite is no joke! Be kind to yourself, save that ‘eye’ and your lenses for another day… smiiles c

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