“CLEARING” – Poem, Day After Storm

Short-eared owl at Pole Farm by Brenda Jones

Short-eared Owl wingdrop



it is evening after storm

–the one entitled “Nor’easter Four”–

I drive with excessive caution

between fields devoted to farms

passing, first, the owl-wood

then harriers’ hunting grounds


on my left, hefty cows graze

as though any winter’s day

dark shapes contrasting with silos

gleaming with increasing sunset


the ruddy barn to my right

could be bonfire itself

constructed and ignited

by Thor and his henchmen

countering skies the hue

of antique pewter


perhaps tonight

short-eared owls will prowl

again, just as returned sun



“Nor’easter Four” having been agent

controlling travel

for short-ears and snowies

destined for the Arctic




sunset harrier Pole Farm Brenda Jones

Sunset Harrier, Pole Farm, by Brenda Jones

7 thoughts on ““CLEARING” – Poem, Day After Storm

  1. This is beautiful, Carolyn, putting us in mind of weather events affecting creatures with whom we share this planet.

    • Catherine, I so appreciate your caring, which I know full well from out rimes together, as well as through your powerful, evocative art. I marvel at the insistence of my Muse on the heels of these storms. And yes, how we celebrate the creatures, and the very PRIMACY of NATURE!

      love and light, c

    • Tasha, I am thrilled that this pleases you. These snow poems have been insisting lately, wether or not I have time or mood for them. Thank you for always honoringYOUR Muse, reminding me to heed and celebrate mine! love and light c

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