“When the world is too much with me…”

Audubon yellow-throated-vireo-final


Well, maybe this isn’t the appropriate plaint.  It’s not the world that’s too much – it’s these current threats and realities.

Most especially am I stunned by grouches encountered on a prescribed sunny day’s stroll in a nearby preserve.  Not a wing was to be seen over that meadow.  And o, my! — far too many people:  new to those reaches; , not trusting regulars; refusing to smile; some even glowering…   First time I’ve been worse off AFTER a walk than without one!

Then there’s the problem of my current escape reading:

Wouldn’t you think Audubon’s Art and Nature would be ideal?

What is the first poem I come to, –facing John James’ compellingly simple image of the yellow-throated vireo, singing his heart out to what seems a flawless hydrangea?



O SOLITUDE! if I must with thee dwell

Let it not be among the jumbled heap

Of murky buildings.  Climb with me the steep, —

Nature’s observatory — Whence the dell,

In flowery slopes, its river’s crystal swell,

May seem a span; let me thy vigils keep

‘Mongst boughs pavilion’d, where the

deer’s swift leap

Startles the wild bee from the foxglove bell.


Many poets are within this treasured volume, by no means only Keats.

Interesting that my current hero gets it about the importance of climbing (or walking into) “Nature’s observatory”…   I’ll just have to try a different preserve!

Yellow-throated vireo photograph from internet





4 thoughts on ““When the world is too much with me…”

    • Carol, your enthusiasm thrills me! Thank you! My sense is that connection is vaccine/antidote/preventative/cure — etc.– re this dire global challenge. For you to have found me makes me know these posts are alive and reaching out for me, even when I’m asleep. We are all in this together, more than we ever knew, Carol. Appreciatively, Carolyn

  1. Even people I am familiar with scuttle past, head down in our town forest. I want to shout – ‘we are 10 feet apart, and a smile won’t pass the virus’. Instead, I’m left smiling forlornly and feeling like the girl outcast at school. Hey ho. Poetry sustains me and your words and pictures, thoughts and choices make me 😊

  2. DEAR Osyth, it helps so much that I am not alone in (1) encountering grouches in what used to be my forested and meadowed haven; and (2) being WOUNDED by this. Most people I tell just do not get the effect upon my soul of being walled off from actual human beings in a place that matters to me! Yes, I wanted to SHOUT! I don’t know how we turn out to be such sisters, but I greatly appreciate it, all the time, even when not actually reading it. Also finding myself sad about Prince Charles — I don’t have a television; fleeing the immediacy of news too frequently delivered as though by machine gun. And I don’t follow royals — why are the ones who went to Canada back in England? But I have always somehow felt sorry for Prince Charles — ever- ready, and o my, seventy-one now… Light surround everyone, everywhere. And O, Osyth, don’t you WANT this ORDEAL to increase healthy loving human connection?!!! Thank you for you! me

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