Party Confession

woven image of champagne flutes

O.K., I admit it — I love solitude.

But, as a Sagittarian, I choose it – do not demand it of me!

The globe and a virus have altered everyone’s reality.

Every few minutes, the Internet brings new proscriptions.

Even Moses came back from the burning bush bearing only twelve!


Here’s my confession: I almost went to a party. A number of friends live near me, so don’t try to guess:

Someone wrote: “Why don’t you walk over and bring your champagne glass. We’ll sit six feet apart on my outdoor chairs and have bubbly.”

“GREAT!,” I wrote. “I can bring almonds and olives.”

“FINE!,” she answered, “I have pate.” [I surely never thought of pate on my one grocery run.]

And we set it up and the night came and a call came with this most unusual revelation:

“It’s 40-&*()^%$# degrees! We’re not doing this!”

So we set it up a few days hence.

The morning of Party Plan II, our Governor, [who has been doing a superb job of managing these dire realities, despite recent surgery of his own], announced his displeasure with a number of local parties having defied his “social distancing” mandate. I think there was mention of the National Guard.

So I wrote my prospective hostess with this information.

“We’ll be six feet apart!,” she protested.

“I know. And you know, I really love going places with you. But I don’t want to become your cell mate!”

We had the heartiest laughter of the Corona saga.

But we didn’t have our champagne.

What would YOU have done?


single champagne-flute. jpg

4 thoughts on “Party Confession

    • I am, again, sorry for whatever urged you to ask this. Unbeknownst to me, if you scroll to the bottom, there’s a link to unsubscribe. I hope you’ve found it and done this – and I regret that I cannot share my love for beautiful New Jersey with you ever again… Carolyn

  1. What decisions we must make! I don’t see what could’ve gone wrong if you’d each brought your own glass, your own bottle, your own snacks, didn’t touch a doorknob AND stayed 6 ft. apart! Wasn’t the governor addressing the beach parties and bar parties where people were ignoring the social distancing?

  2. Joy, thanks for caring, for writing!

    I think this was funny — I’ll let you know when time grants perspective. All those grouches on the Mercer ‘Meadows’ pathways the other day made me mistrust my fellow man and woman — not my prospective hostess, but whoever would be witnessing us.

    Meanwhile, Prince Charles went to ALL THOSE GATHERINGS!

    I had to go to Terhune’s the other day to be with humans! Very few, to be sure. And there were cats scurrying about, not fretting about social distancing.

    And a kind lady who said I could drive up the next time, “since the children aren’t around.” I am lucky to be able to carry those bags, which she’d offered to do for me. But I don’t love that challenge. Am pathetically grateful for these interchanges, which served as antidotes to grouchood!

    smiles me

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