A virtual voyage for all of you – to the tip of the Garden State – my refuge…


If I could be anywhere, right now — anywhere in New Jersey…  I NEED her oceans!


Cape May is a place I have treasured in solitudes, in all seasons and weathers except hurricane. This isolate point seems made for those who must, for example, flee holidays. Now, when there is something ENORMOUS to flee, we cannot leave wherever we are.

Skimmers Return Cape May Beach low light

For many, birds are the main reason to drive to the end of our state. Dawn delights include the return of the skimmers, from wherever they spend their nights.

Sunrise Sunset Oct. 2016 002

When Jeanette Hooban found us a cottage near the sea, Carolyn Yoder, she and I, could walk to dawn.

Sunrise Sunset Oct. 2016 004

How Cape May dwellings look when the dawn greets them.


How the ocean’s night gifts look as you walk to breakfast.


Where you eat breakfast, tucked in a dune.

Hawk Watch Easter

Why we’re here.

Higbee Beach Late October Swim 2016 007

Jeanette, in October, where she must be!

I fell in, watching her. First time I birdwatched through water.

Higbee Beach Late October Swim 2016 008

Jeanette in ecstasy, Carolyn Yoder and I sharing her delight.


3 thoughts on “DREAMING CAPE MAY

  1. I managed to score very inexpensive lodgings at the Cape last week due to the pandemic scare. What better place for solace in our trouble times at the Cape you may be alone but you can never be lonely when you’re surrounded by nature calling.

    • Brilliant of you! Thank you so much for doing this and writing to let others know the magic of ‘our’ Cape. Sea on all sides, and o, I do love, and did not include Back Bay Birding by boat — rarities on all sides and new perspectives. Yes, our Nature Mother heals. Appreciatively, cfe

  2. Dear Carolyn, Jonathan would love to be able to visit the ocean. His favorite place. And your photos such a treat for us both. He is really not good. Even after steroids today. Only two weeks before another chemo, but I really don’t know if he can get through another. One wonders if the salty ocean winds wouldn’t be curing… ♥️ Joy Kreves Sent from my iPhone


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