“Let us go, then, you and I,… while the evening is spread out against the sky…”

A travel album to Eliot’s Invitation: our answers set in New Jersey:

Sandy Hook Jim Kathleen Amon Spermaceti Cove Boardwalk Jan 2017

Dear Friends, Kathleen and Jim Amon, answered ‘Yes!’ to my “Let us go then,” at 20 or so degrees, upon New Jersey’s Sandy Hook, one recent January.

T.S. Eliot’s invitation was one of the richest moments of my entire college education. Looking back, I could say it became my life mantra:  “Let us go…”    [No, not “down certain half-deserted streets, although that became my way in post-college Manhattan years.]

Rock as Smiling Dolphin Sourlands 08 08

“Mr. Smiley-Face”, at the entry to a Sourlands Trail, off Greenwood Avenue in Hopewell, welcomes every visitor to his hushed green domain.

Moved to underappreciated New Jersey, for a husband’s career, I began to set out on Wordsworthian nature quests. “Get OUT there!,” I’d urge friends and relations. “Nature is EVERYWhere!” “New Jersey is BEAUTIFUL!” “Let her enrich you.” “Let us go…”

Ice Floes on River Lumberville General Store Jan. 2017

As I ended a long-ago poem, protesting the building of THE PUMP in our Delaware River, ultimately the river taught us: “I, who had been barrier, am bond.”

NJWILDBEAUTY is a printed version of my own constant invitations, from 1964 forward.. I’ve taken up this blog again, during our impossible situation, in which answering yes to “Let us go then, you and I” is forbidden. But Eliot’s call remains essential!

Autumn Crispness Canal and Delaware River near Prallsville Mills

Even at autumn’s culmination, our Delaware River and her nearby streams, tributaries and canals, beckon with unspoiled beauty.  Here, memory of late riverine light brightens this drenched day.

Even quarantined, our New Jersey remains a treasure trove. Let’s stroll together, you and I”, in memory and photographs upon these pages.


December’s Oceanside Flycaster – Island Beach – one of New Jersey’s Unique Three Coasts!

Right now, we are experiencing a medical Battle of Britain. Normalcy has been suspended until the invading microbe is finally conquered. I suspect even Eliot would not have believed that following his stirring invitation could ever be banned.

Lake Oswego Pine Barrens Fourth of July

Peat Waters of Lake Oswego, below Chatsworth, The Pine Barrens of New Jersey

Proof of the altered meaning of my nature-quests is symbolized in this Island Beach window, looking East, as our Coast Guard monitored sailing vessels in distress.

This day, I moved my wondrous birding binoculars from the travel bag in the front hall closet, to locked French doors looking out on a very domestic natural landscape.

Coast Guard Watch Window Island Beach Nov 2015

View from the Coast Guard Watch Window, Island Beach, Rainy November Day

New Jersey’s still out there, everyone.

Beckoning with Eliot.

Remember her.

Save her.

Hike her anew!



5 thoughts on ““Let us go, then, you and I,… while the evening is spread out against the sky…”

  1. Ah, DEAR Debbie, with whom I have “gone then, you and I” – exploring so many of these New Jersey havens -, the peatwater may be my favorite also. Because it is a phenomenon of sparsely populated areas, “certain half-deserted” forests and bogs and reaches… Because, for me, it echoes Tahquamenon Falls in (childhood/Michigan’s) Upper Peninsula. That falls is a mini-Niagara. As girls, my sister and I thought its voluminous waters looked like root-beer. Some of its sources then were still virgin timber. Thank you for exploring WITH me, and for taking a virtual voyage this night… cfe

  2. ‘When the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherised upon a table ….’ I absolutely adore that poem. Can recite it by heart and have done since I was 16 when I first read it. It affected me then as it effects me now. Your own prose is dreamy and the pictures just divine. I love your virtual visits and I will love even more when this strange reality is closed and the world opens sufficiently for me to visit the places you take me to in these posts. Thank you 🙏

    • Yes, YES! much eagerly memorized as teen, still echoing, even resounding! How I appreciate your deep connection, Osyth! And your heartfelt delight in the sites that beckon, soothe and heal, even in memory, and for you in promise…. Blessings and blessings – YOU are a gift of this dire time. I’m trying to count them. You’re way UP there! smiles me

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