Missing ‘the Little Things’

Virtually nothing prepared me for the reality of now – nature herself effectively closed  because of a worldwide virus.

‘Brig’/Forsythe — After Hurricane Sandy

Sandy Blockades Brigantine

No matter what “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” swirled about me in New Jersey, its shores and coasts and sands and paths, –especially wooded ways — would restore the Carolyn Soul.  No longer.

Bridge from Winter to Winter Bowman's 09

Yes, I yearn again to be absolutely surrounded by New Jersey Nature.

plainsboro-preserve snow scene from Internet

Season does not matter. Nor place – The above is Plainsboro Preserve.

As Corona-Captivity lengthens and expands, however, it is the little things I crave:

The Sacred Eggs Fortescue Horseshoe Crabs Mem. Day 2017

Possibly the littlest to be relinquished this year are tiny eggs of horseshoe crabs. Our Delaware Bayshore is soon to be peppered with tinctures of life. Not only essential to the future of horseshoe crabs,  –so-endangered red knots and ruddy turnstones must ingest sufficient crab egg nutrition not only to make it to the Arctic, but also to breed and lay eggs whose contents ultimately will sprout wings and fly. The full moon of May is Horseshoe-Landing Time. Essential sanctions and strictures will prevent my being witness.

I seem to need Pine Barrens ‘little things’ above all:


Jersey’s Jewels, Sugar Sand, Chatsworth

NJWILDBEAUTY readers well know how I cherish every cranberry, –whether burgeoning on the vine, being harvested by traditional methods, or somehow surviving –ripe as rubies– alongside Pine Barrens’ fruitful bogs.


Cranberries on the Vine, Chatsworth

(Cranberries, at least, need not observe social distancing.)

I miss every boardwalk.

Exquisite Barnegat Bay Island Beach April


Our Land’s End — Below This is Barnegat Inlet, with ‘Old Barney’ Lighthouse on the Other Side

I miss cut-throughs and being out in wild weather.


Storm at Sea, Cape May

But, most of all, I miss the little things.


Transformation of mood has become the burden of memory.




One thought on “Missing ‘the Little Things’

  1. Oh dear, it sounds as if this solitary confinement has saddened you too much! It IS hard… today was a bit different here…Another solitary friend I rarely hear from called and it was a nice chat, I added soil and amendments to my milkweed garden, and I got so sleepy I napped! I NEVER nap! Not sure why I needed it. This being only the day after a chemo treatment Jonathan is pretty good. If only he could stay this way.

    I saw an indigo bunting in our yard today, a new sight for me! Cheer up, Dear Carolyn, I’m thinking of you, always. I knew you’d be happy about this.

    *Regards,Joy* *(above): Blue Dreams Geode, ©Joy Kreves 2018* http://www.joykreves.com *: Contemporary art expressing the poetry in landscape* facebook: JoyKrevesArtStudio https://www.facebook.com/CravingNatureTheFeastProject/ *instagram: joykrevesart * VIDA Collection* – changing the world through commerce*

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