Proud American Heritage of Bordentown

Tiny Bordentown, New Jersey, is very responsible for the birth of our Country — This village was the only place where Thomas Paine ever owned a home. George Washington has insisted that, without Paine’s writings, the vaunted ‘Spirit of ’76’ would never have come to fruition. What this brave man called ‘Common Sense’, was, frankly, seditious.

Because of the words of this Bordentown resident, we can be proud of our country.

Ben Franklin is said to have quipped, “We must hang together, or we will hang separately.” All of our Founding Fathers (and Mothers – especially Abigail) “pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honour”to bring a free American into being.

1 1776 1876 Flag

What Thomas dared to write, unfortunately, rings true in these times:

Winter Shadows Tom Paine Corner
My favorite Paine quote, after “times that try men’s souls” is “I’d rather see my horse Button eating the grass of Bordentown … than see all the pomp and show of Europe,” Paine wrote from London in a 1789 letter to a friend.
This mural of other times gives you a sense of lovely Bordentown as Paine might have treasured it.
Bordentown Mural wide view
The mural is beside the venerable Quaker Meeting House.
Quaker Meeting House BordentownThe past remains present in Bordentown. We can renew our pride in our country there, and in the courageous band who brought us into being.
Bordentown Peach Mousse Iris
Now, one of the town’s treasures is it’s legendary iris blooms, iris festival. These scintillating flowers are probably at peak right now, as the festival is always Mother’s Day Weekend.
Bordentown Franklin Carr Iris Hybridizer plaque
Franklin Carr is responsible for bounteous beauty. His memorial garden is off Farnsworth Avenue, high above the storied Delaware River. In the same setting is a Point Breeze Garden, displaying plants that were at the exquisite estate of that name, home of Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Spain and of Naples; and his nephew/son-in-law Charles Lucien Bonaparte, naturalist/ornithologist who discovered and named New Jersey species in the broad and fruitful marsh below the mansion.
Joseph Bonaparte’s happiest years were his seventeen in Bordentown.

6 thoughts on “Proud American Heritage of Bordentown

    • Fay, thank you so much — even a Bordentown stroll seems like Nirvana now. Thank you for call – will call shortly. Very appreciative always where you are concerned. Your Franklin Parker Preserve was madly crowded, parking-wise, last Wednesday – thought you would like to know. Blessings always c

  1. Carolyn, thank you for the history lesson! I can see I need to do more strolling around Bordentown, My experiences there have centered on dining….and of course there was my turtle release adventure. A few years ago I had to release a turtle back into the wild, and it needed to be near water, and not just any water, but water from the same source as his original home. Well, I followed this dry creekbed for miles, trying to find the perfect spot for this turtle, and I found myself in Bordentown in the most beautiful little park. I feared the water there was too salty for my poor turtle, however, so I took it back home to try again the next day.

  2. Dear Mary, I so appreciate your comment. Yes, this town is a treasure, for the eyes, for the mind and heart re Revolutionary times; for history ditto, plus all the Bonaparte magic; for foods and used to be for books – not sure now. A place of soft delights in a harsh time. I remember your turtle saga and think you’re amazing to have thought of the salinity factor. Blessings c

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