PURPLE MARTINING — MAURICE RIVER, Cumberland County, New Jersey

Purple Martin Migration in Texas, Joseph Smith, from Internet: Typical Numbers of Martins over Maurice River in New Jersey, for Autumnal Migration Major memories were granted last night, on the Bonanza II, on the Maurice River, in Shellpile, Cumberland County, New Jersey.    Come cruise with us, as we awaited dusk (martin-coalescence time).  And, –even more […]

MARTIN MIRACLES — Purple, That is!

Would you believe 500,000 to 700,000 purple martins filling the sky, above the phragmites marshes of the Maurice River?  That waterway, literally designated “Wild and Scenic”, is never more dramatic than when the martins gather prior to migration, every August.  If you’re lucky, you have tickets with dear birding friends, aboard watercraft chosen by Citizens […]

Natural Havens in a Time of Plague

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep” – Robert Frost’s prescription in a time of plague: OUR Sourlands, courageously preserved and so nearby, above Hopewell (New Jersey) There isn’t any cure for this virus. But there are antidotes. They have always existed, but techno-reality causes us to forget them. They’re provided by NATURE. And, luckily, […]

A FEW GOOD SCENES – Recent Excursions

FINALLY! BACK TO ‘THE BRIG’ — Leed’s Eco-Trail *** NJWILDBEAUTY readers know how important weekend adventures are to me, –the essentiality of refilling the well, emptied daily in our work, saving the Planet. *** And Beloved Leed’s Point, (near home of the Jersey Devil, whom I long to meet!) *** Some of you also know […]