Carolyn Edelmann invites NJWILDBEAUTY readers upon nature journeys in and near our own state.

Carolyn Foote Edelmann is a poet and naturalist who lives in Princeton, New Jersey.  The first member of the community admitted to Princeton University’s Creative Writing Program in the 1970’s, Carolyn studied with Ted Weiss, Galway Kinnell and Stanley Plumly.  She is co-founder of Princeton’s Cool Women Poets, with two chapbooks to her name — “Gatherings” and “…Between the Dark and the Daylight…”  

Carolyn’s heart connection with the D&R Canal and Towpath turned her into an avid naturalist, as well as preservationist.  A friend insisted she learned to kayak in the year 2000, now her preferred method of canal exploration.  Birds are key to Carolyn.  She does not go in quest of exotic species, however.  Her passion is the birds encountered in this, the Garden State.  If they happen to be rare, such as trumpeter swans, the roseate spoonbill, or the snowy owl — fine.  So long as she finds them in New Jersey.

She serves as Community Relations Associate at D&R Greenway Land Trust (founded to preserve canal and towpath lands).  Carolyn creates all media releases, curates the Olivia Rainbow Student Art Gallery, and enhances the presence of the arts (figurative and poetic) at the land trust.  She also founded and sustains their Willing Hands Volunteers, who co-host all art and related science events.  Carolyn recently realized that D&R Greenway’s continuous nature art exhibitions and biannual Poets of Preservation events have brought new art and new poems into being.  In addition, the art and the poems prove New Jersey’s expanding role as inspiration for creativity.

She has maintained NJ WILD Nature Blog for the Princeton Packet, since 2008.  That role came about due to her having written for that paper since the Blizzard of ’78.  Carolyn served as seasonal reporter for the Times of Trenton, and provided articles on nature, travel, history and art for U.S. 1 [Business] Newspaper.  Her nature articles have also appeared in New Jersey Countryside and Jersey Sierran. 

Photography is a hobby which has brought pleasure to Carolyn since early childhood. She now turns that gift to her mission of encouraging appreciation of the beauty of New Jersey.  Part of her motive is aesthetic.  Everything she writes and photographs now is attuned to increasing preservation in our state, in our time.  Another essential aspect of Carolyn’s  mission is to increase awareness and cessation of catastrophic climate change.

O.K., far more authoritative people than I have taken on the climate question.  But I always have been “the cockeyed optimist.”

I also write often about the importance of farms, farmers, farmlands and farm markets.  I’m determined that we keep the garden in The Garden State.

In these pages, I’ll involve prose, poetry and photography, to expand everyone’s awareness of New Jersey’s natural delights.

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  1. Carolyn, this comment is not about your blog, but about an article you wrote for US One in 2008 which I kept folded and refolded until I could find a friend to accompany me on the Riverline to Riverton and back. It only took 7 years, but we went this week. I loved walking around the town with its beautiful Victorian homes. We walked the esplanade, saw the bridge in the distance, and got a lesson on river dredging from a man walking a dog. We had lunch at a small Mexican place called Juanita’s which was terrific. No time to try the café which is now called Orange Blossom, as we had to run for the train, but we did stop at the Gingered Peach on our way home. Thank you for providing me with a lovely day and, of course, for this blog which I always enjoy. Cindy Carlin

  2. Cindy, how delightful of you to write and restore my delight in past stories! Sometimes, writing can feel self-indulgent and even wasted: “I shot my arrow into the air. It fell to earth, I know not where.” Yours is a marvelous Holiday gift! Isn’t it grand that the River Line, which should be the transportation of the future, is restoring all those towns once connected under canvas sails. And o, yes, honoring our beloved Delaware River. I’m thrilled with your excursion. Now it’s time for ME to do that again! Blessings of the Season — Carolyn

  3. Dear Carolyn
    I’m a budding singer songwriter just starting to produce my 1st album, LURNING CURVE, and would very much like to use one of your images of the swallows swirling in the sky as the digital cover for one of my song tracks, LEAVE TO REMAIN. Would it be possible to get your permission for this, I would be happy to give you photographic credit.
    It would be lovely to hear back from you on this.
    Many thanks,
    Suzanne Roux
    Singer Songwriter

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