Authentic Chatham at Fish Pier

Authentic Chatham, Massachusetts – At the Fish Pier, Looking Out to Sea

When I was a child, my nickname was “Sunshine”.  I have always needed a great deal of sun and light and fire, –partly because of my Sagittarius birth sign.

Strange Encounters Chatham Fish Pier

Gull and Seal in Chatham Sun

I feel like starting this blog post with a strict dull dictionary definition of “sun”, because I have so little experience of it any more.

Fair Weather and Foul at Chatham Light

Elusive Sun, Chatham, Mass., Chatham Light

Webster’s Unabridged, of course:  “The star that is the central body of the solar system.”

Well, that doesn’t do it for me: does it for you?

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Reflections Black and Grey

Sun Caught in Water, Provincetown’s MacMillan Wharf

“Sun” – that flat round disk formerly to be discovered in daytime sky (day – between dawn and dusk), sky formerly blue.  That spill of gold upon a carpet or a table, warming twice — in the sky, where it belongs; and as it reflects off indoor surfaces.  And always, always warming my heart.

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Reflections Red Boat

Proud Reflections, MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown

Except there isn’t any sun any more.  Nor blue sky.

Danger Rough Chatham

Danger, Rough, Chatham, Mass.

Just some grey-white substance all over what used to be sky — clots that remind me of the inside of my mother’s Electrolux bag.

Tethered Tower  Chatham Scenes 002

Tethered Tower, Chatham, Mass.

I know what’s happened to sun.  It’s called fossil fuel / emissions / catastrophic climate change / disaster / the Antrhopocene.

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Reflections Green and Grey

Tangled Tower, Provincetown

My antidote to sun-deprivation is memory.

Chatham Pier Fish Market Sign

Chatham Pier Fish Market

Here’s to Cape Cod at Hallowe’en, when sunlight spilled everywhere, from dunes to shells to whales and seals to fish in the sea and in a splendid market and all along weathered clapboard shingles.

Typical Chatham Cottage

Typical Chatham Cottage


Warming both heart and my soul.  May these scenes warm YOURS.

Perry's Pride Chatham Fish Pier

Perry’s Pride, Chatham Fish Pier


Sharks to Market Chatham Fish Pier

Heart of the Matter at Chatham Pier

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Then and Now

Harbormaster, with Sun Glint, Provincetown

Provincetown Mac Millan Wharf Rowing Home

Provincetown, Rowing Home


Trading Company

Friends know that I, basically, detest shopping.  Except, of course, for the Carousel Lavender Farm near Doylestown, PA, and virtually any farm market.  Chatham’s past lives on.  Its present is alluring.  And here is an emporium I will never find at home!

Fish Rubbings

NJWILDBEAUTY readers know that Jeanette Hooban, Carolyn Yoder and I spent the last week of October on Cape Cod.  Seven summer weeks per year, my beloved daughters and I had lived these scenes together, in the 70’s and 80’s.

Chatham Resident Hawk

These images reveal that Chatham remains as enticing and yes, quaint, as ever.  Even Christmas shopping, which I really eschew, is a pleasure in old Chatham.  Come, stroll with me.

Chatham Wayside Inn

Chatham Pottery still reigns supreme.  One of my few souvenirs is a handsome hand-crafted mug, brilliantly glazed by the mother of the potter, sporting what may be the current (there never used to be one) Chatham icon – the HYDRANGEA.

Chatham PotteryBluefins

Sushi did not exist in Chatham ‘in our day’, except for the whales and the gulls.

Candy Manor

We took every guest to Candy Manor, still turning out handsome, hearty sweets — my favorites being dark-chocolate-covered cranberries, of course.  I think Massachusetts is neck-and-neck with NJ, craynberry-wise.

If your rented haven didn’t have lobster pot, crackers, picker-outers, chowder bowls, bibs and napkins, this was and is the place to go.

Chatham Cookware Facade

Chatham Whimsy

Chatham Mermaid

Chatham trucks are irresistible.  This connoisseur was lunching at the Impudent Oyster.

Chatham Cervantes Landscaper

In our Chatham years, this was our rainy-day shop — puzzles and coloring books.  It’s still there.  So much is still as it was.  Miraculous and gratifying…

Mayflower Hobbies

Pine Acres Realty led us to our cottage on Nantucket Sound, and to later treasures in forested Harding’s Beach Hills, high above a saltmarsh.Noble Pine Acres Realty

Even Municipal Chatham is appealing.Yankee Restraint

Olde Chatham still reigns supreme, between Chatham Light and the water, alive with seals and adrift with fishing boats returning to Chatham Fisheries and the Chatham Fish Pier while we were there this fall.

Chatham Beach and Tennis Club

Down the road apiece from Main Street’s Shopping, one arrives at a bluff high above the sea, the ever-perilous sea.


Chatham Swimmers and Waders Shark Advisorys

Enlightened Chatham:

Chatham Solar Recycling Chatham Cautions