EATING THE VIEW – Bahrs Restaurant; Sandy Hook

there’s a place I go to eat

the view

in a building weathered yet spruce



Home is the Fisherman, Bahr's, Sandy Hook

Home Is the Fisherman — from Bahrs Restaurant Table


building weathered, yet spruce

high above the Navesink

over in The Highlands


inside, all the appropriate accents

whale’s rib–

gigantic lobster claw

grizzled captain figurehead

the requisite polished brass


one of the earliest ever

diver’s suits

stands sentry at entry



every table waterside

sky light tripled

bouncing off inlet

then white fishing craft

to dance along our plates


we take binoculars

to table

sometimes cannot order

because we’d have to take our eyes

from fugitive goldeneye swimming below

off petite grebe

disappearing cormorants


My sister thinking of her late husband's love of boats. JPG

My Sister Dreaming Across the Inlet at Bahrs


most friends know their specialties

without consulting



belly clams for Faith

Anne’s oysters,  fried light as tempura

Mike’s delicate scrod

my sister’s and dear Tasha’s lobster rolls

–high and pink and light

above that toasty roll

succulent steamers for Karen

scallops seared   (special order)   for me


always the cloud-soft hot biscuits

sun caught in Yuengling


Bahr's Biscuits Sandy Hook


on the horizon shimmers

our afternoon’s quest

Sandy Hook’s bird-rich reaches

across an emptying inlet


below our table

fishermen return

tie up to clean

morning’s catch


A Good Day on the Bay, Sandy Hook

 Good Day on the Bay

one day, even I could tell

they were working on roseate

striped bass

Captain later revealing,

“Each brought home his limit”


a little boy at the next table

–watching those deft surgeries

when asked, “What would YOU like?”,


–pointing at their bass–

I want one of those.”


Bahr's Sign late Aprio 2010

Sky Light at Bahrs