Riverton, New Jersey, Decorates for the Fourth!

Riverton Yacht Club July 2017

I feel most fortunate to live in New Jersey when I ride our brilliant light rail, The River Line, especially with people who’ve never been on it before.    We board this snazzy Swiss-built conveyance at bucolic Bordentown,   The station offers views of ‘my’ river, along with free, safe parking, and interesting sculptures having to do with our often undervalued state.


Burlington July 2017 023

TRENTON MAKES / WORLD TAKES    Sculpture @ Bordentown River Line Station


Within soundless seconds, we are wrapped in marsh landscapes, heading south through storied Roebling; brick-sidewalked Burlington (proud to have a London neighborhood founded in 1656), and on to explore and feast in idyllic Riverton.

Riverton Scenes July 2017 002


The River Line could solve so many problems in our land, in our world.  Gliding along rails used for freight at night, the glistening two-headed train has become a traveling village.  Conviviality rules the ride, especially surprising New Yorkers, now key members of the Princeton Photography Club, on a day-long time-travel excursion.


Riverton Scenes July 2017 012


People walk around in Riverton.  They’re lively and open, eager to talk to strangers.  Parents hold children by the hand; and children hold books, coursing toward this town’s charming little library.  A Councilman asks us why we are photographing, tells us how Riverton came to be (summer homes for Philadelphians in 1800’s), and exchanges cards with the real photographers.


Riverton Bunting


This amateur is in heaven in Riverton, because ‘her’ river, the Delaware, is so near, so alive, shimmering with history and promise.  The Delaware’s signature, –almost a perfume–, is that zingy breeze that starts to riffle hair, even on a steamy July day.


Riverton Delaware River Scene at Yacht Club


Riverton Fourth 2017


The town is gearing up for its hundred-year-old Fourth of July Parade.  Homes of other era are as spiffy as when they’d been built; each yard individually planted and tended and decorated for our first day of Independence.  One man invited us INTO his home to meet the cats.


Riverton Scenes July 2017 009


Another neighbor explained that the arresting black and blue and white flag on one balcony honors policemen, EMT people, First Responders.

First Responder Flag Riverton Fourth of July 2017


The colors of our day, however, were red, white and blue.  No town is more celebratory about the efforts of those founding fathers, –so near, across our pivotal river–, without whose vision and heroism, we would not have a country.


River Wind in Riverton Flag July 2017




The Cranberries of Yesterweek: Images to Share

Finally, thanks to Ray Yeager, Faith Bahadurian, and others of my blogging colleagues, I’ve found the way to enter the pictures into the ‘Library’ anew.

Now the challenge is adding text.  With any luck, I can explain what follows.

If not, you’ll just have to realize this is the journey of a Pine Barrens Cranberry: from the antique method with one of the Adams Bogs’ vintage cranberry ‘combs’; through their fields, in the new dry harvest program, where neighbors pitch in to bring in the crop; to the cranberry-bounce process — only the ripest, healthiest bounce; and a computer rejects the pale ones; into bags, then my strainer, the pot with tangerine juice and one small cinnamon stick, to supper.

Bon Appetit!


Antique Cranberry Scoop Pine Barrens November 2015The Old Way Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Antique  Cranberry Scoop gathers Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Labor Intensive Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 201521st Century Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Dry Harvest Cranberries Pine Barrens November 2015Bags Ready for the Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Dry harvested Cranberries Pine Barrens November 2015Rejected Cranberres Pine Barrens November 2015Rolling toward Thanksfiiving Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Jersey Fresh Bagged Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Ready to Ship Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Ready to Truck Cranberry Harvest Pine Barrens November 2015Cranberryies StrainedSimmer Until They Pop 2015Flatbread and Cranberry Sauce