A FEW GOOD SCENES – Recent Excursions

Memorial Boardwalk Brigantine April 2017

FINALLY! BACK TO ‘THE BRIG’ — Leed’s Eco-Trail


NJWILDBEAUTY readers know how important weekend adventures are to me, –the essentiality of refilling the well, emptied daily in our work, saving the Planet.


Leeds Point Classic Scene Fishing Village Brigantine early April 2017

And Beloved Leed’s Point, (near home of the Jersey Devil, whom I long to meet!)


Some of you also know about February’s torn meniscus — healing enough that I’ve been back on the trails.  But p.t. takes hours daily, –some in private, some with kind, gentle, dedicated coaches.  There remains too little time for creativity with all this body-building.  The whole point of this work on “glutes, hamstrings and core” is to get back outside.  Come with me to recent restorative havens.


Snowy Egret in Full Breeding Plumage, in WIND, The Brig

Snowy Egret Misty Brig Spring 2017


Visitor Center, Purple Martin Houses, Perfect Clouds – The Brig

Visitor Cednter for Martins, for Humans Brig Spring 2017


Spring Mimics Autumn – Swamp Maple, Waterlilies, The Brig

Spring Mimics Autumn at Brig 2017


Essence of Spring – Geese and Goslings — The Brig

Goose Goslings Gander Brig Spring 2017


Jeanette Hooban (Intrepid) Rights Horseshoe Crabs,

Fortescue, Delaware Bayshore

Jeanette Righting Fortescue Horseshoe Crabs Spring 2017


High Tides Upset Horseshoe Crabs, Fortescue

Life and Death Fortescue Horseshoe Crabs and Eggs Mem. Day 2017

BEACH COBBLED WITH HORSESHOE CRABS — 2 weeks late for the Full Moon of May


Primordial Drama Fortescue Horseshoe Crabs Spring 2017



But red knots and ruddy turnstones may have come and gone, ill-nourished, to Arctic

The Sacred Eggs Fortescue Horseshoe Crabs Mem. Day 2017


Fortescue at Its Best — Late Light, Late Fishermen

Delaware Bay Day's End Fortescue Horseshoe Crabs 2017


For these scenes, these full days in the wild, all those intense hours of physical therapy, with John Walker of Princeton Orthopaedic Group; and of chiropractic with Brandon Osborne, D.C., are worth it.  Whatever it takes to give yourselves the wild, do it!

I dare to rephrase Thoreau:  “In wildness is the healing of the world.”

D&R Canal by Kayak – Tranquillity Base

Even for a poet, there are times when words are not sufficient to convey the experience and the emotion.  This may be one of them.  I’ll start with the images from last Sunday morning’s kayaking on the canal below Alexander Road (Princeton) with a friend who’d trained out from Penn Station.  As I picked her up, we heard the dinky (tiny traditional commuter train from Princeton Junction to Princeton town) tootle its little horn as it left for town.  By the time it tootled for the return jaunt to the Junction, we were on the water.

Prow and D&R Canal Summer Solstice 2014 001

Prow and D&R Canal South of Alexander Road

We’d stepped into this magic, as usual, by going to Steve and his wonderful helpful crew of young kayak assistants at Alexander Road, near Metro North.  Princeton Canoe and Kayak opens at 10 on weekends.  In our experience, the earlier the better.  It is not costly, and timeless time on the water is sheer enchantment.

Janet Kayaking Summer Solstice 2014 006

Friend Janet Black, fresh from Penn Station, out on the water

Spatterdock blossom Kayaking Summer Solstice 2014 003

We were this close to wildflowers, such as the water lily called spatterdock

Greenery and Red kayak Summer Solstice 2014 002

Other wise souls were out there with us — most of us enchanted that turtles don’t jump off their logs when passed by kayakers!

Red Kayak and Alexander Rd. Bridge Kayaking Summer Solstice 2014 008

Alexander Road Bridge as kayaking excursion ends

Well, is it true?  Is a picture worth 10,000 words?

Comments welcome…

Realize that the D&R Canal and Towpath are a New Jersey State Park.  That they were preserved by a number of courageous, prescient organizations, including D&R Greenway Land Trust, where I work.  That New Jersey is FULL of WILD BEAUTY, and your support of your local land trusts will protect what’s saved and lead to new preserves.