Guest Post – Proust in Hopewell Borough Park by Lois Marie Harrod

Lois, this is simply magnificent. Both Lee’s epic and so well deserved obituary, and your eloquent walk testimony are not only resonant. They keep Lee alive for all blessed enough to have known him. I, too, find no goldfinches – except in a garden with tall ancient trees in New Castle Delaware last month. I miss them visually and ‘auditorially. ‘ As I miss Lee – and also in terms of FUN! Thoreau, also, could be hiking and observing with the two of you. For re-reading Wild Fruits, I am assured “Our schoolhouse is the Universe.” and “The worst rocks are the best for poets’ uses.” Thank you for enriching this day, as well as an enormous proportion of my life, Lois and Lee, forever… Carolyn


Proust in Hopewell Borough Park by Lois Marie Harrod

GreatFieldI sometimes think of Marcel Proust’s warning, “Habit is the enemy of perception,” when my husband Lee and I walk in Hopewell Borough Park.  Since we walk it almost daily, the park is certainly a “habit,” and often we are so addicted to talking or to thinking our own thoughts that we don’t notice the daily changes in our park, a part of our daily 4-mile trek through Hopewell Borough.

Fifteen or more years ago, we used to come upon a rather famous local writer doing her slow jog on the trails with her husband lagging behind.  Neither looked up when we or anyone else passed. They were in their own worlds, not the natural world they were walking through.  We understand that kind of concentration or perhaps I should call it oblivion; we are academic types.


But habit or…

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